Stem Education

STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning by doing it yourself. The kits and equipment play a vital role in enhancing the learning experience. Fun Doctrina paid particular attention to selecting the best equipment while designing the curriculum. Currently, Fun Doctrina’s in-house STEM Lab is well equipped with the following educational kits. Furthermore, the same has been offered to schools for an integrated model of STEM education.

1)   3D Printer

3D modeling is widely used by mechanical engineers and graphic designers in the industry. Mechanical engineers and experts use these models to make complex mechanical structures in real life, and graphic designers use 3D modeling in the entertainment industry to develop 3D characters for their animations and games. This session will enable students to make 3D models by using an online tool.

2)   Drone & Quadcopter

Drone & Quadcopter are interesting gadgets for all age groups. However, channeling the interest to learn technologies such as block programming, python programming, and video making is a game changer. The student will learn to control the drones & quadcopters using block/python programming and capture the scene to learn video making.

3)   Robotic Kits

Fun Doctrina offers state-of-the-art robotic kits with multiple projects for students of each class. The student will learn the mechanical designs, working of motors, programming of controllers, and concepts of physics and mathematics in designing robots.

4)   Magician Chemistry Kit

Doing science projects helps develop a child’s resourcefulness, particularly their goal-setting, planning, and problem-solving skills. It also nurtures intellectual curiosity, helping children acquire new ways of asking questions and understanding the world. Magician Chemistry kit is tested in labs and complies with US and EU safety regulations, meeting the strictest standards. Fun Doctrina will make chemistry fun to learn.

5)   Sphero Robots

Sphero Robot is a flagship kit introduced by Fun Doctrina in Pakistan. It is the most miniature robot ball. This STEM toy helps kids explore coding with interactive STEM activities & games.

6)    Engineering Kits

Fun Doctrina claims to introduce the best engineering kits for STEM education in Pakistan. With the Fun Doctrina’s engineering kits, students will be able to learn engineering designs, programming, and overall concept of science and mathematics such as projectile motion, energy conservation, wind energy, hydraulic arms, and many more.

7)   Mathematics Kits

Mathematics kits provide fun and engaging math lessons, activities, games, and curricula for grades K-8. The curriculum is manipulative-based with sustainable and reusable activities that are meant to supplement the existing core math curriculum.

8)   Arduino Based Programmable Car

A kit launched by Fun Doctrina itself is a robotic car that will be used to teach students block programming and Arduino programming. Arduino, a well-reputed controller in the engineering world, will be used in this project. The student will program the Arduino to control the car. Projects include obstacle avoidance, line tracking, and few more.