What is STEM?

STEM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM education covers both the practical and philosophical demands of the modern era in these areas. Individual study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and, Mathematics provide the students with qualitative and quantitative insight into the universe in their character and methodology. However, STEM opens up a new horizon of exciting overlaps in these areas, which results in innovation and subsequently improves the quality of life around the globe. Besides, STEM education promotes inquiry-based learning methodology by nurturing the natural aptitude and curiosity of the students in a dynamic, open-ended, yet safe environment.

The four disciplines are combined into a single learning paradigm centered on practical applications instead of being taught as discrete, independent subjects.





Why stem?

According to educational studies, teachers find it challenging to draw linkages between the STEM fields. Therefore, students frequently lose interest in science and math when they learn in an isolated and disjointed manner, missing links to cross-cutting topics and real-world applications.

  • Science Education, along with other subjects
  • Teaching technology in addition to science
  • Teaching engineering alongside science and technology
  • Education in mathematics and age over three

Student Focused Learning

Every student struggles with one subject or another. Scientific topics require clear and sound understanding. New and improved teaching methods are necessary for progress. Our company dives deep to devise viable solutions to these educational hurdles. We care about our students and their requirements. Fun Doctrina strongly focuses on students’ needs and delivers them tailored solutions. You will get scientific learning, hands-on experiments, expert guidance, quirky ideas, the best results, and a great time with us.


Customized Learning 

We must ensure that future generations have a strong background in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-STEM subjects. Our team realizes that a new approach is needed to encourage students in these scientific fields. Fun Doctrina’s experiments stimulate creativity and originality in each student. Our teaching method focuses on developing a student’s innovative thinking and one-of-a-kind problem-solving techniques.


Content Assurance

With us, you will get 100% of your money’s worth. Created by experts, our content and experiments are original, distinct, and result-oriented. Our tests provide subject insight, exciting hands-on projects, and precise scientific learning goals for preschoolers to high school students.


Latest Skills and Techniques

Fun Doctrina keeps its students updated and brings the newest content in terms of scientific and technological skills. You will perform interesting scientific experiments and learn new techniques and tools with us. Fun Doctrina provides state-of-the-art technology, ensures the highest safety standards, provides an intuitive, pleasant user experience to its students and teachers, and makes a valuable contribution to STEM education.


Career Opportunities

STEM education is becoming popular daily with new competitors, educational tools, technology, and scientific advancements. All across the globe, countries are incorporating STEM education into the academic curriculum for new career opportunities and job options. In Pakistan, for stability and success, STEM education is required. Early incorporation of STEM education in schools and academic curriculum enables students to understand and excel in science and its related fields. It increases ability and ambition and empowers them to make informed career decisions in the future.

What do we offer in STEM?

Fun Doctrina offers a STEM curriculum that includes but is not limited to the domains mentioned in table below:

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