Fun doctrina College of technology

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About Us

Fun Doctrina College of Technology is a creative business and technology-based educational platform established in partnership with numerous international institutions that offers the highest quality education along with practical skills, academic excellence, entrepreneurial activism, and hands-on learning experience in their respective sectors along with international accreditation that is adorned with the current developments.

Our Vision

Fun Doctrina College of Technology has a vision to promote technology in Pakistan, empower young through technology-focused mindsets, and foster an environment where innovative technology-based start-ups can flourish.

Our Mission

Fun Doctrina College of Technology mission is to provide a platform for interactive activities and cohesive learning that stimulates:

  • Skill based education
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Effective communication
  • Entrepreneurship


Learn from the topmost professionals, share ideas, and contribute through hands-on experience gained through worldwide exposure. individuals with advanced knowledge and abilities help to raise educational standards in pakistan.

Python for Artificial Intelligence

Graphic Designing / Video Editing

Web Designing


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