What is Fun Doctrina?

Fun Doctrina is a team of innovative, focused, and creative individuals presenting educational modes and methods in a new and exciting manner. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, we bring quality to elevate the academic caliber of schools and institutions across Pakistan.


We have gathered data from research, interviews, and observations of our current education system and have re-modeled our curriculum according to STEM. Fun Doctrina is not a school, a college, or a university but a platform to educate children through the STEM learning curve. 


We provide them with hands-on experience through practical experiments and equal opportunities to learn the fundamental principles of Science and Technology.


At Fun Doctrina, we value drive, ambition, creativity, and diversity in academics and personal growth. Our STEM-based experiments are created to instill these qualities in students. Before us, STEM subjects have never been more accessible and more fun.


Our STEM experiments will open new career and job opportunity options for you. In this scientifically advanced world, STEM education will help you in achieving success and receive the accolade that is your due. 


Advancing at the pace of a rapidly moving world is what our team believes in. We not only think but also provide means and measures for you to grow and prosper. For us, education is more than concepts in a book for learning and memorizing. Education with us is all about fun, engagement, thought, and understanding.


With years of experience in student handling, a deep understanding of the current educational model, and thorough research, the team of Fun Doctrina has designed scientific experiments for classes I-VIII. The experiments are based on the STEM educational model to develop interest and understanding of scientific subjects.